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There are those people who are salt of the earth – 100% true to self. Robert and Larry are those kind of people, all the time. Their foundational beliefs, the gut check they do  for big decisions, the consummate research and preparation for any meeting – and their personal pledge to honesty and integrity – are all pieces of what make them the  “go-to guy you can always count on”.

Robert has been immersed in the world of finance from the start. In graduate school, pursuing his Ph.D., his on-campus job was capital markets security analyses for one of his professors. A self-described “technical background reporter,” he’ll smile, look over his black rimmed glasses with one eyebrow raised and tell you he thrives when the mission and the numbers align. He’s comfortable reviewing the charts and graphs and planning financial moves therein.

Scaled up skills.

A Navy veteran and Oklahoma native, his big career move leveraged the combination of his CPA and J.D. backgrounds, which he obtained in 1979. Robert was CFO and General Counsel for two family-owned, nationally recognized manufacturers. That experience exposed him to the reality that a vast majority of hardworking people were missing an opportunity to secure their financial future.

“I was surprised when these hard-working, down to earth people - who asked no questions in the company meetings, but days later would knock on my door and want to talk through the options. Asking where they should invest and how to best save for their futures.” - Robert Clinton

With great passion, Robert rolled up his sleeves and set to work. Meeting with people when they could – arriving earlier, chatting over lunch and staying late – a lot. He discovered that answering introspective questions – why they need to save, why social security is not enough, where is the best place to invest money – made him feel good. In fact, it was more fulfilling than crafting a multi-million-dollar loan deal.


Norman, Oklahoma

A mission that matters.

Ten years later, the company he was with sold and he knew then that his future was to be a financial advisor. In fact, the company president was one of his first clients.

As business grew, Robert was looking for ways to broaden his offerings. 

He joined forces with a fellow military veteran, colleague and friend, Larry Gill. Larry shares a client-centered, judicious approach to doing business and like Robert, develops relationships into friends. His insurance expertise, retirement plan management and financial acumen complemented Clinton Wealth. Clients now had a powerful financial arsenal. 

The appeal of Clinton Wealth is Robert and Larry’s vast expertise and steadfast character. More than that, it’s that each client becomes a friend, like a guest at the dinner table who leaves with valued advice.

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

 – Donald A. Adams, former First American Bank Chairman and CEO


Robert Clinton, Financial Advisor, Clinton Wealth

Robert M. Clinton, BBA, MBA, JD
Financial Advisor

Robert is the principle and founder of Clinton Wealth Management. With over 30 years experience in serving his clients as an attorney or certified public accountant, Robert made a positive and permanent impact on his client’s financial health and well being.

A Navy veteran and lifelong learner, Robert has built his career on living in actionable faith and serving others. His decades of experience as the Chief Financial Officer for two family-owned companies enriched him with a sense of understanding for the unique financial challenges faced by those engaged in a family business. It was also in these environments that Robert’s passion to empower the everyday worker to reach a secure financial future was ignited. He launched his financial advisory career. In fact, one of his first clients was the company president.

Robert’s unwavering desire to add value and make a difference in a life are the foundations for every relationship he has. Robert listens. He connects, earns trust, and develops a plan. Because of his expertise, he can serve clients as a financial planner, estate planner, tax planner, retirement planner, corporate counsel and wealth advisor.

Robert’s pride and joy is his family. Along with his wife Tammy, they have raised three men of great character and faith, and enjoy spending time with their two grandchildren. . Robert is often identified for his past love of training German Shepherd dogs in search and rescue skills as a service to his community.

Larry D. Gill
Financial Advisor

Larry is a financial advisor and Chartered Life Underwriter who has dedicated his life to the service of others.

Following his service as a Signal Officer in the U.S. Army, Larry transitioned into finance, training as a brokerage consultant for a leading life insurance company. Excelling in his roles, he rose to become a branch manager and later, a regional vice-president. It was during this time in corporate finance that Larry discovered his passion for advising individuals on their financial journey. Inspired by the opportunity to make a profound impact, Larry decided to become an independent advisor.
Larry’s focus is in helping his clients and friends achieve a work-optional lifestyle. For many years, Larry served the needs of his clients through his own financial advisory practice, Larry Gill Advisory, but today provides those services to his clients through Clinton Wealth Management. As a part of the Clinton Wealth team, Larry can leverage a unique blend of expertise to offer comprehensive financial advice and planning.
Larry is an avid outdoorsman and friend to many.


Sowell Management

On a daily basis, Clinton Wealth works hand-in-hand with Little Rock, Arkansas’s Sowell Management. Sowell Management is both a Forbes and Barrons* top 100 RIA and was founded in 2001 on the principles of fee-based fiduciary investing. Behind the scenes, Sowell Management provides Clinton Wealth with back-office services, leading technology and support and portfolio management. Because of its diversity of services and nationwide client base, Clinton Wealth has a solid and trusted partner.

Fidelity Investments

Clinton Wealth’s selection of Fidelity Investments, one of the largest providers of financial services in the nation, enables us to offer the products, services and investments that can go a long way toward helping our clients meet their goals.

Who We Serve


 “I serve clients that know that they would always be welcome at my family’s dinner table. That’s how important the “relationship” with the client is to me.
– Robert Clinton

Career Professionals & Retirement Seekers

Career professionals & retirement seekers

These clients are typically individuals in the prime of their working careers and seek financial advice to maximize their earnings, build wealth and achieve financial goals. Their financial concerns may revolve around investing, tax optimization, debt management and estate planning. 

Retirement seekers are those approaching the retirement phase of their life or are already retired. Their focus is typically ensuring a comfortable and secure work-optional lifestyle. Financial advice is often concentrated on generating income, managing investments, estate planning and legacy considerations.

Legacy Builders

Legacy builders

Legacy builders are often those focused on creating a lasting impact and leaving a meaningful inheritance for future generations. They are typically individuals or families who have already accumulated substantial wealth and are concerned with preserving and growing it, not just for their own needs but also to benefit their heirs and charitable causes. Legacy builders often seek advice on advanced estate planning, tax strategies, philanthropic giving, and wealth transfer methods to ensure their legacy endures and benefits their chosen beneficiaries.

Family & Generational Wealth

Family and generational wealth

Family and generational wealth clients often have a long-term perspective. They are individuals or families who have significant assets and are concerned with creating a financial legacy that benefits their children, grandchildren, and beyond. The goal is to ensure the continuity and prosperity of the family’s financial resources and values. Advice sought is focused on comprehensive estate planning, tax optimization, asset allocation, and strategies for managing and transferring wealth across generations. 

Preserving Your Legacy for Future Generations

At Clinton Wealth, we are dedicated to safeguarding and nurturing your family’s legacy, recognizing the immense importance and responsibility that generational wealth carries. We believe that your financial well-being is more than just numbers on a balance sheet; it’s a powerful means of passing down values, dreams, and aspirations to the generations that follow.

Our Approach

– Comprehensive Solutions
– Financial Security
– Legacy Beyond Wealth

Reach out to start the journey towards securing your family’s legacy and building generational wealth that lasts for generations to come.