As fiduciaries, our clients are at the heart of all we undertake. We are not only bound by legal obligation to act in the best interest of clients, but are also driven by a strong commitment to integrity and character. Regardless of mandates, we would always prioritize your best interests. We believe we are guiding your financial journey with providence – thoughtful direction and greater meaning behind our actions and decisions.

"Be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be courageous, be strong."
- 1 Corinthians 16:13


Investment Strategy & Financial Planning

We develop a tailored approach to managing your assets and achieving your financial goals.

Retirement & Lifetime Income Planning

We work to ensure your future income with effective and innovative plans that mitigate risk and facilitate your success.

Estate Planning

We aim to preserve and transfer your wealth efficiently while minimizing tax liabilities.

Business Planning

We offer strategies to manage, grow and transition your business effectively, ensuring a long term success and legacy for another generation.


We are different because we offer...

Experience on a distinct scale.

We might be veterans with a CPA, JD or securities license, but it’s the distinctive experience we bring to the table that sets us apart. Clients can expect comprehensive solutions and a partner to navigate the journey toward financial freedom.
Enabling financial independence.

Living life genuinely.

A word that can often be overlooked, but for Clinton Wealth, it’s how we live and how we measure our relationships with others. We are genuine. We are consistent in character, methodical in our practices and connect sincerely with each client. In our communities and homes, you are a friend. Live life genuinely.

Rule the risk.

We focus on understanding your values, goals and dreams. Our process aligns with that. The result is a plan you control where risk is mitigated and clients move confidently toward financial freedom. Facing the risk gap.