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Robert M. Clinton, JD, CPA/PFS

Family Wealth Advisor


As an attorney and certified public accountant, I have more than 30 years' experience in helping others manage virtually all aspects of their financial lives. I have served my clients as their financial planner, estate planner, tax planner, retirement planner, corporate counsel and wealth advisor. My 20+ years' experience as the Chief Financial Officer for Georg Fischer Central Plastics LLC and United Design Corporation, both family-owned companies that grew, prospered and ultimately sold to new ownership groups has enriched me with a sense of understanding for the unique financial challenges faced by those engaged in a family business.

Becoming a Family Wealth Advisor for a friend, family member, colleague, or even someone I did not previously know, carries with it a tremendous responsibility. When someone trusts you enough to allow you to advise them on important and intimate matters such as developing a plan that will help them work toward achieving their financial goals or in designing an estate plan that will take care of their loved ones when they can no longer do so or even trusting you to manage their financial investments through sometimes scary and turbulent times, you end up building a relationship and bond with them that is incredibly rewarding in many ways not initially anticipated. It is the development of this bond that I find most rewarding in my career as a Wealth Advisor. Honoring this bond with my best effort to help others is my life-long mission.

Although I had been a certified public accountant and attorney for many years, as the needs of those I serve began to shift more and more into the realm of financial and investment planning, I knew that I needed to equip myself with the training and tools needed to continue to add value to them as their advisor. I first became registered with a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority Series 65 registration and then qualified as a Personal Financial Specialist with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Tammy, and our boys (now, men), Brian, Jordan and Jaron and playing with our German Shepherd dogs, Luca, Abbie and Max.

If you are looking for a Family Wealth Advisor that will be dedicated to making a positive and permanent impact on your financial health and well-being, I would love the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss the various ways that I can help.


Jordan C. Spor, BA

Financial Planner


As a 2015 graduate of the University of Oklahoma, I joined Clinton Wealth Management in June of 2015. My primary role within the firm is financial planning. I work directly with our clients in establishing and maintaining their financial plans within our planning software and ensure that their information is updated periodically and that they can access their plan directly from our website.  I also serve as chief technology officer, overseeing social media presence, website design, and basic IT functions, as well as making sure that all investment accounts are setup correctly at the custodian and that our clients have full access to them via our client portal. In addition to the above, I am actively pursuing my goal of becoming an investment advisor for the firm in the near future.

When I am not at work, my wife, Brooklyn, and I are enjoying the company of our family and friends or perhaps pursuing our shared love of photography.  You might also find us engaged in one or more online role-playing games and actively participating in Norman's annual Medieval Fair.