Investment Management

Here at Clinton Wealth Management, we use a well-defined process to better understand your investment goals and objectives.

We start with a DISCOVERY PROCESS that helps us understand exactly where you are and where you want to be in regards to your investments. What goal or quality of life objective can be achieved when you have success with your investments? What values do you hold to and expect us to hold to?  We want your investment plan to fit your life.

We not only want to know how you define success and what it might mean to you; but, we need to know what kind of investment risk you are willing to take in order to achieve that success.  For this purpose, we use a state-of-the-art, interactive, RISK ASSESSMENT TOOL that allows us to very clearly define your most appropriate level of risk.

Then we develop a proposed INVESTMENT POLICY STATEMENT that will detail an investment portfolio that we have designed to both achieve your investment goals and fit within your risk tolerance score.  We will sit down with you and objectively discuss both the upside and downside potential of this portfolio and stress test it to show you how it could behave under varying economic and market conditions.

Upon agreement with the proposed portfolio, we will EXECUTE THE INVESTMENT STRATEGY by opening accounts, transferring assets and making the initial asset allocations.

Finally, we will schedule periodic review meetings and provide you with understandable PERFORMANCE REPORTS.  We will continuously monitor and periodically rebalance your portfolio in order to keep us on the path toward your financial goals.  If we have also developed a written financial plan for you, we will incorporate the goals from that plan into our thinking and proposals.

You will be welcomed to participate as much or as little in the overall process as you may desire . . . we fully appreciate that this is your money, your financial future and your financial goals that you have honored us with the privilege of helping you achieve.  You will have our cell phone numbers and will be able to reach us at anytime to discuss your needs and concerns.

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